Shopping Assistance



Need help locating the perfect fabric for your project?

We are here to help!


Our store contains over 5,000 different fabrics and we know that it might be hard to locate what you need on our website.      So let us do it for you!


For $10, we will walk through our warehouse and find fabrics that might work for your project.  We will mail between 4 and 10 swatches depending on what we find that is a match to your project.


When ordering, we ask that you answer these questions to help us find the perfect fabrics for you.


#1.  What is the fabric being used for?      (Drapes, Upholstery, Boat Cushions, Costume, Etc....)       

#2.  What color or colors are you wanting to work with?

#3.  How many yards are you going to need if we locate a perfect fabric?

#4.  Any design preferences or theme?     (Stripes, Nautical, Mid Century Modern, Damask, Etc...)

#5.  Extra Info?    The more you share, the better our chances are of mailing you swatches that will be a fit for your project.