3.875 Yard Piece of Sunbrella® Awning Stripe 4884‑0000 Saxon Cascade 46" Fabric

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  • Upholstery Weight: Heavy Weight
  • Drapery Weight: Heavy Weight
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Sunbrella® Awning Stripe 4884‑0000 Saxon Cascade 46" Fabric


Sold By
Sold by the panel
Upholstery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight
Indoor Vs Outdoor
Marine & Auto, Outdoor / Indoor
Drapery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight
Shipping Directions
Must ship rolled
Color Theme

Recommended Uses

Indoor Uses
Crafting, Bag Making, Commercial Seating, Cushions, Upholstery, Home Decor, Pillows
Marine Uses
Storefront Awning, Boat Awning, Pillows, Bimini, Waterproof Cushions, Boat Cover, Boat Interior Friendly, Fender Covers, Home Decor, Boat Cockpit Friendly, Outdoor Furniture Covers, Seating, Mooring Cover, Dinghy Chaps, Upholstery, Patio Decor, Cushions


WATERPROOF! This fabric is designed to get rained on. Water will run off the fabric. If used for seating, your cushion foam will remain dry. Great for patio and cockpit seating that is left out when it rains.
PRO Tips
Many people will use this for indoor home decor Upholstery. To make sewing easier and the fabric less stiff, wash & dry on low heat x3.. It retains it original durability and becomes much less stuff..., Consider taped seams and other advanced techniques to reduce water leaks in your seams.

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