Safety Rope - 11 mm, WHITE, By the Piece, Remnant

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This is a pre-measured length of rope.   It is 18 meters long. 

A technical work and rescue line, the heavy duty 11 mm offers a smooth but firm sheath that allows the rope to run easily through gear. It’s manufactured to meet the requirements of the most demanding rope access professionals.

This product has hundreds of uses around the home or work.  Put a length in your truck as a safety measure for helping a stuck friend out of a snowbank, or when you end up in a snowbank.  Also good for tree work, yard work, or anything else that requires a strong static line.  

At this price this rope is great for craft projects like door mats, rope rugs, trivets, rope wreaths, etc. 

Weight: 5.1 lbs per 100'

MBS Rating: 7306


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