Linen White Floral Vines on Blonde Satin Sheen Home Decor Fabric

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  • Fiber Content: Linen or Linen Like
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This 54" wide home decor fabric has a satin sheen to it. It has a metallic blonde colored background with thick off-white/linen colored vines spread along it. The pattern repeats about every 10 inches vertically, and about every 8 inches horizontally. It's a standard weight drapery, meaning that it's fairly supple and very easy to use. It's soft, but you can still feel the texture of the woven pattern. The fabric itself is a polyester blend. This would be put to good use in light home upholstery, draperies, and personal craft projects. Sold by the linear yard and swatch.


Vertical Repeat
10 Inches
Horizontal Repeat
8 Inches
Scale of Item(s)
The vines and flower areas are only an inch to a couple inches across.
Thickness / Stiffness / Feel
Standard weight drapery. Supple and very easy to use. Soft but you can feel the texture of the pattern.
Sold By
Sold by the linear yard, swatch and by the piece when available. Our swatches are the size of a dollar bill. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If, you desire a 3 yard length, simply select “By The Yard” and change the QTY to 3.
Linen or Linen Like
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