Seaquest American Beauty Welt Marine Vinyl Upholstery Trim

SKU: 2886-01
Price: $3.01 - $112.50


  • Fiber Content: PVC / Vinyl
  • Upholstery Weight: Heavy Weight
  • Drapery Weight: Too Heavy For Drapery
  • Pattern: Solid/Plain
  • Color Theme: Red

About this item

  • Foam core Welt Trim for Marine & Automotive Upholster. By The Yard
  • 5/32 Round + Half Inch Tab for sewing. (Round = size of Bic Pen)
  • UV, Salt, Sun Proof W/ Mildew Resistance. Sold By The Linear Yard
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Seaquest Welt in "American Beauty" Red
Welt is a decorative piping trim, stitched between two pieces of material, used to finish the edges or to create a raised, rounded seam around the corners of cushions. It can be a matching, complimenatary, or contrasting color. It gives marine seats a finished look.
This listing is only for Seaquest Welt in "American Beauty." We carry welt in all Seaquest colors, so if you'd like a different color, please use the search function on our website to find the specific color. We have included a swatch card among the images of this product, so you can see how this color compares to the others, and also so you can find the name of the color you are looking for. In order to keep our inventory accurate and to ensure that we don't make a mistake when filling your order, please don't request a different color when ordering this one. Contact our friendly staff if you have any questions or need any help finding the proper listing.

Product Details:

Abrasion: 250,000+

Tear Strength 25.8 Warp 27.7 Fill

Breaking Strength 89.2 Warp 102.7 Fill

Weight:   32oz per yard.

Thickness:   1.0mm

Gauge 0.040

Emboss: Wallaby

Surface: PVC

Substrate:   100% Polyester

Substrate Weigh:   3.75oz

UV Resistant 1,000 hours.

Cold Crack:   -10F

Mildew Resistant: Pass


When ordering more than 10 yards of welt, it is possible that this item will have a split in it. While not common, it is possible. Splits are stitched together so the item is fully functional.






Sold By
Sold by the linear yard, swatch and by the piece when available. Our swatches are the size of a dollar bill. Yardage is continuous.
Indoor Vs Outdoor
Marine & Auto, Outdoor / Indoor
Fabric Type
Upholstery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight
Solid, Solid/Plain
Printed Vs Woven
Solid Color
Thickness / Stiffness / Feel
stiff to the touch
PVC / Vinyl
Drapery Fabric Weight
Too Heavy For Drapery
Ordering Directions
All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. If you only see “3 yard piece” listed as an option, then we are sold out of swatches and cut yardage., If you, desire a 3 yard length, simply select “By The Yard” and change the QTY to 3.
Remnants Vs Yards
By the Yard
Suitable For
Accessories - Bags/Purses, Costume, Crafts, Upholstery
Mildew-Resistant, Coated, Stain-Resistant, Waterproof, Colorfast
Product Classification
Shipping Directions
Okay to ship folded
Seaquest Type
Welt Trim
Color Theme
Colors Shown
Theme / Key Words

Recommended Uses

Indoor Uses
Commercial Seating, Cushions, Upholstery
Marine Uses
Upholstery, Cushions, Waterproof Cushions, Seating, Boat Interior Friendly


WATERPROOF! This fabric is designed to get rained on. Water will run off the fabric. If used for seating, your cushion foam will remain dry. Great for patio and cockpit seating that is left out when it rains.
PRO Tips
Consider taped seams and other advanced techniques to reduce water leaks in your seams.

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