Burgundy - Spradling ISLANDER Softside Marine Vinyl Fabric | 54"W | BTY

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  • Burgundy  - Spradling ISLANDER Softside Marine Vinyl Fabric | 54"W | BTY
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Weight: 29 oz.
Width: 54 in.
Roll Size: 30 yd.

Acrylic Topcoat

Formaldehyde Free
Mildew Resistant
No Heavy Metals
Pink Stain Resistant
Sulfide Stain Resistant

Superior Abrasion: 50,000 cycles |

Wyzenbeek #10 Cotton DuckUV Stabilized Pigments: QUV: ASTM Grey Scale |

650 hrs

Cold Crack: -10ºF

Exterior Approved

California T.B. 117-2013
IMO FTP 2010 Code MSC.307(88) Part 8: 3.1 & 3.2
NFPA 260- Cover Fabric – Class I
UFAC Fabric – Class I


Spradling’s Hi-Loft²™ Backing is a specialty knitted textile manufactured with 100% polyester yarns aimed at creating a backing
with bulk, strength, and unusual softness. When combined with a vinyl surface, an extremely soft-hand
quality is achieved without sacrificing product performance. (Adhesion, tear strength, and stretch strength
properties are also improved.)

• Tailorability characteristics
• Ease of use during sewing
• Polyurethane foam moves easily when in contact with Hi-Loft²™

Spradling’s Hi-Loft²™ Backing the complex array of Hi-Loft²™ patterns provide coated of applications including: Automotive Aftermarket,
Universal, Corporate, Hospitality, Marine, Healthcare and Education.


Spradling’s SOFTSIDE Collection is the leading automotive and marine vinyl in the industry. Because of our unique Hi-Loft2TM backing, it is easy to form around difficult contours, ensuring a flawless finish.


Softside Marine
Softside Marine Fan Deck Spradling International Marine VinylOur Softside collection has proven to be a quality, high-performance choice for boat builders and automotive aftermarket professionals for years. Because of careful engineering and use of the finest raw materials available, we have been able to assemble an extensive library of marine-grade coated fabrics. The comfort and durability, wide selection of colors and styles, and easy-to-use construction make it the brand of choice for manufacturers and end users. The largest ready-to-ship marine program and quality assurance provided by the Spradling name make it the smart choice for manufacturers and distributors as well.

Our Marine collection is specially sampled in an attractive and convenient fan deck. The fan deck includes individual product swatches, pattern specifications, care and cleaning instructions and other useful information. Contact your local Spradling distributor or our customer service team to get a Marine Fandeck for your business. You can also order a free Softside Marine Sample Card here.

Softside Automotive
We have also assembled a library of spot-on matches for automotive aftermarket materials. Samples of these products are available in a stylish and convenient fan deck for easy comparison. Whether you are restoring a classic or adding wow-factor to a custom interior, our diverse collection of automotive options will satisfy the style and performance qualities you have in mind.

To find a local distributor for or for more information on our products or sampling, contact our sales service team. You can also reach out to your area sales representative directly. A free sample card is also available for our Softside Automotive Collection. Add one to your sample cart now.

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