Black Plus - Sunbrella Awning And Marine Weight Fabrc | 60 Inch | - 8408-0000 -

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  • Image for Black Plus  - Sunbrella Awning And Marine Weight Fabrc | 60 Inch | - 8408-0000 - At Fabric Warehouse
  • Image for Black Plus  - Sunbrella Awning And Marine Weight Fabrc | 60 Inch | - 8408-0000 - At Fabric Warehouse
  • Image for Black Plus  - Sunbrella Awning And Marine Weight Fabrc | 60 Inch | - 8408-0000 - At Fabric Warehouse
  • Image for Black Plus  - Sunbrella Awning And Marine Weight Fabrc | 60 Inch | - 8408-0000 - At Fabric Warehouse

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This solution dyed acrylic fabric is considered the standard in the boating industry because of its fantastic color options, high resistance to fading, and long life span. Sunbrella is a soft, breathable, acrylic that is UV, water, and mildew resistant and does not noticeably shrink or stretch. Both sides of this marine fabric are the same, meaning that either can be exposed to the outside. In addition to being one of the best outdoor fabrics, Sunbrella acrylic fabric is easy to sew.


 If you need more than the qty shown here, send us a msg.  We can update the available quantity so you can begin working on your larger project.  We also have bulk pricing available for all orders over 100 yards.



* For All Things Fabric + Boats
* Nautical
* Marine
* Boat Cushions
* Awning
* Dodger
* Bimini
* Dog Bed Covers
* DIY Hammock
* Outdoor Pillow & Cushions
* Marine Application
* Boat Cover



This product listing is for a fabric or item sold by the yard.  Quantity of 1 = 1 yard.  Orders of multiple yards will be shipped as one section.  If we are unable to ship your full order as 1 cut, we will contact you prior to shipping to ensure that our cut length will work for your project.




  • WIDTH: 60"
  • WEIGHT:  Awning + Marine Weight
  • SALE UNIT:  Sold per linear yard
  • YARDS/ROLL:   5-10 yards per roll



Ordering a large quantity?   Leave us a msg at checkout requesting your fabric cut to legth.   We are happy to cut to the half yard.  For example, if you order 15 yards, you "MUST" let us know how you would like the 15 yards delivered.   For example, 5,5,5 or perhaps 6,4,5 or even 2,2,2,2,2,2,5


* 100% solution dyed acrylic
* UV resistant
* Water resistant
* Mildew resistant
* Breathable to prevent condensation
* Minimal shrinking or stretching
* Fade resistant
* Stain resistant




We are happy to mail you swatches of our fabrics.  We charge $4 per sample swatch but will put your $4 investment toward your next order.  For example, if you purchase 4 samples @ $4 each, you will have spent $16.   After placing your order we will email you a store credit for this same amount ($16) toward your next order.  These credits expire 30 days after they are issued to encourage you to get your next project started!   If you are seeing this listing on a website other than our own and would like samples, take the trip over to shop.fabricwarehouse


PRICING?:   (Why is this price lower than others?)

This product is a first quality, name brand item.  We do not carry 50 yard rolls of this item.  Instead we have 5 to 8 yard rolls.  For many marine projects, 5 to 8 yards is more than enough for a working length. At checkout, you will have a chance to leave us a note.  We would love to know your working yardage so we can pull from our stock and cut your order length accordingly.  If you specify 9 yards working yardage and we can’t accommodate, we will call you to ask how you would like us to proceed.  (refund, or ship the order with a different working yardage.)  Either way, the customer wins. Our goal is to bring this name brand product direct to you, so long as you can work around the fact that we don’t stock the normal 50 yard rolls.



Items may be returned within 30 days for a full refund not including shipping charges. The item being returned must be in the same condition as it was sent, including all packaging and instructions.  Cut fabrics, foams and other items sold by the length may not be returned unless defective or otherwise incorrect.  In the event that you feel the item order is not as described on our website, please contact us to discuss a solution.  We are people, mistakes happen and we will be sure to find a solution that leaves you happy.  If you’re unsure if a fabric is right for your project, consider ordering a swatch before placing a larger order.  Swatch purchase amounts are put towards your larger future order if within 30 days.



All Sunbrella products are shipped on a roller rather than folded.  This is due to the nature of the fabric and the need to ensure that it arrives for your project in perfect condition.

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Sold by the linear yard, swatch and by the piece when available. Our swatches are the size of a dollar bill. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If
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you desire a 3 yard length, simply select “By The Yard” and change the QTY to 3.
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Marine & Auto, Outdoor / Indoor
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