Emerald Green Flocked Velvet Upholstery Fabric | 54 Inches | By the Yard | Soft

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  • Fiber Content: 100% Polyester
  • Width: 54 inches
  • Upholstery Weight: Medium Weight
  • Drapery Weight: Heavy Weight
  • Pattern: Solid/Plain
  • Color Theme: Green

About this item

  • A medium weight upholstery fabric that features flocked velvet.
  • Perfect for upholstery, throw blankets, accent pillows, and more.
  • The color of this fabric is a rich emerald green.
  • A 100 percent polyester that has the soft, fuzzy feel that is typical of velvet.
  • 54 Inches Wide. We have swatches available and also cut yardage available. Discounted pre cut lengths can be purchase as well.
  • All yardage is shipped continuous. If you order 5 yards it will be 5 continuous yards. NOT 5 individual lengths.
  • Swatches are shipped first class letter, without tracking.
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Currently we have 5 Yards In Stock.
However we can get more of this item. Let us know how many units you are needing
This item does not ship free because it is either heavy or can't be folded without causing a crease line...
USPS, FEDEX & UPS all charge extra for boxes over 38” and we can't absorb that up charge.


This Classic Velvet upholstery fabric is a solid, plush rich, beautiful, deep shimmering emerald green. It will be perfect for your holiday crafts and projects. Create table runners, displays, pillows, cushions, and swags, festive wall hangings, or a tree skirt. This emerald green velvet upholstery fabric by the yard will also make a luxurious window treatment, bed skirt, jewelry box or drawer lining, headboard upholstery, or any project that requires a regal touch! Also, use this fabric for your fashion accessories or holiday outfits: Make purses, vests, children's dresses, or a festive hair accessory or fascinator, even a bow tie!


Sold By
Sold by the linear yard, swatch and by the piece when available. Our swatches are the size of a dollar bill. Yardage is continuous.
Colors Shown
Indoor Vs Outdoor
Indoor Specific
Fabric Type
Upholstery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight, Medium Weight
Fabric Width
54 inches
Solid, Solid/Plain
Theme / Key Words
Traditional, Winter
Printed Vs Woven
Solid Color
Thickness / Stiffness / Feel
A little stiff but workable for most needs, Soft to the touch
100% Polyester
Drapery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight
Ordering Directions
All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. If you only see “3 yard piece” listed as an option, then we are sold out of swatches and cut yardage.
Color Theme
Remnants Vs Yards
By the Yard
Suitable For
Accessories - Bags/Purses, Accessories - Gloves/Mittens, Accessories - Hats, Bedding, Blankets/Throws, Costume, Crafts, Drapery, Upholstery, Wedding
Ebay Material
Product Classification
Shipping Directions
Must ship rolled

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