The name brand in outdoor fabrics is Sunbrella and we are lucky to have an amazing inventory to offer you.   These fabrics ship free and we are able to match or beat any price you find online.   

We stock two different types of Sunbrella.     

"Awning Weight" Sunbrella comes in 46, 60 and 80" tall rolls.   It is waterproof, durable, mildew resistant and generally tough as nails.    We even had an employee use this fabric as the roofing on her shed.   Its that waterproof!


"Furniture Weight" Sunbrella is typically comes on 54" tall rolls and it made of the same fibers as the awning weight sunbrella but its not nearly as waterproof.    In our store we commonly say that the fibers are waterproof but the fabric isnt.    This means that its okay to let it get wet or rained on.   This fabric was built for that.    But dont expect the cushion under the fabric to stay dry.     Furniture weight fabrics can be found on most name brand furniture as it is often made to order by the mill for the big names in the furniture industry.        W-T-O = Woven to order.   

Looking for a better price....    Just call and ask if we can do better.    We usually can!