Osborne #504 14 Guage 8 inch, Straight Round Point Upholsters Needles

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  • All yardage is shipped continuous. If you order 5 yards it will be 5 continuous yards. NOT 5 individual lengths.
  • Swatches are shipped first class letter, without tracking.
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Osborne #504 14 Guage Straight Round Point Upholsters Needles 

8" long

14 guage

straight -light-round point

upholsterers needle


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Sold by the linear yard, swatch and by the piece when available. Our swatches are the size of a dollar bill. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If , you desire a 3 yard length, simply select “By The Yard” and change the QTY to 3.

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