Utility fabrics are fabrics that you put to work. They are used for tarps, drop cloths, yard and gardening work, waterproofing, covers, awnings, windows, and insulating, among many other uses. We specialize in utility fabrics, and carry a wide variety of heavy duty materials by the yard. We have denim, berry cloth, mesh, vinyl mesh, screening, clear vinyl, muslin, canvas, nylon, ripstop, burlap, 3...

  • Burlap Fabrics

    Burlap has many practical uses in the home and garden, and is also used to create a rustic decor. We sell burlap fabric by the yard or in large rolls of 50 feet! We also carry burlap with printed designs and novel weaves, such as herringbone.&nb...

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  • Felt Fabric

    Felt is a soft, fuzzy non-woven fiber fabric used for crafting, artwork, bag making, and creating accessories. It's great for kids' projects, holiday decor, and lining boxes and cases. We carry felt material for sale in different colors and sell...

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  • Nylon Fabrics

    Fabric Warehouse is proud to offer a number of closeout nylon fabrics perfect for crafting, sewing projects and even around the boat and house.   We have technical nylon fabrics like rip stop, diamond and even vinyl or PVC backed nylon fabrics f...

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  • Other

    Here are some general utility fabrics -- there's some overlap with other categories. Here you'll find some burlaps, fleeces, felts, and other useful items not easily categorized. 

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  • Wool Fabrics

    Wool Fabrics

    We have a great selection of wool fabric, sold by the yard, for every type of project. Melton wool and coating weight wool in a rainbow of colors, including purple, red, orange, gray, black and many more. We also have a beautiful collection of lightw...

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