CLEAR VINYL Fabric, double polished, UV resistant, cold weather rated, marine grade, 30 GAUGE

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Price: $3.01 - $460.00


  • Fiber Content: PVC / Vinyl
  • Width: 54 inches
  • Upholstery Weight: Heavy Weight
  • Drapery Weight: Too Heavy For Drapery
  • Pattern: Solid/Plain
  • Color Theme: Clear

About this item

  • Double Polished Clear Vinyl Used for window insulation, outdoor window for ice shacks, tents and four runners
  • Made of Vinyl. 30, 40 and 60 Gauge are stiff. The 18 and 20 Gauge are quite workable
  • 54 Wide, Sold by the linear yard. All orders are continuous length up to 15 yards. As an example, a three yard order will be 54 x 108
Currently we have 36 Yards In Stock.
However we can get more of this item. Let us know how many units you are needing
This item does not ship free because it is either heavy or can't be folded without causing a crease line...
USPS, FEDEX & UPS all charge extra for boxes over 38” and we can't absorb that up charge.


This is a 30 gauge double-polished vinyl that is "window clear" and resists water stains. It is .030" thick, or the thickness of an average credit card.   It is perfect for  boats, golf carts, utv's, storm doors and windows and porch enclosures. It offers a wind and vapor barrier that resists extreme temperatures (-40 degrees cracking).  Also great for use with boat canvas tops, table covers, see-through bags, and much more. 
Homeowners often use this to enclose outdoor porches in winter to create a usable space and keep the wind and snow out.
Our marine contractors use this for windows in biminis, dodgers and other enclosures. It has a long life in harsh environments and is a huge cost savings over some of the more expensive products on the market.  
We also sell this product a lot to people making winter enclosures for tractors and snowblowers, chicken coops, dog pens and project that require added protection from the elements yet still want sunlight and visibility. It has a great deal of versatility. 
It can be easily sewn by a 16 gauge need and poly thread with a straight stitch. This product has a long life span in the marine and outdoor environment and can be easily cleaned with a microfiber cloth and a mild soap.  Do not clean with harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.

Superior Quality Double Polished "Window Clear" Vinyl. Great for storm windows and doors, table covers, insulation, wind and vapor barrier, car and boat canvas tops, window sheeting etc. Resists cold and hot temperatures and water stains.

When working with this product we suggest that you layout your piece for up to 24 hours on a flat table.  Due to being on a roll the vinyl has a slight memory that can make it challenging to work with when patterning.  If possible it's best to work in a warm space when using this product as it will conform and stretch more easily.  It can be heated with a steamer, or blow dryer but we suggest caution and that you warm up a test piece to see how it reacts.  Over time the vinyl will shrink 1-3%; in many instances this is advantageous as it tightens your window over the frame and produces a desirable finish product with little or no wrinkling.   This product occasionally comes with a paper interlacing.  We suggest you remove the interlacing if you plan to store it for a long time as the paper has been shown to fog the vinyl in some instances.

Superior quality double polished "window clear" vinyl
Great for storm windows and doors, table covers, insulation, wind and vapor barrier
Resists cold and hot temperatures and water stains
Great for car and boat canvas tops, window sheeting, tarps, upholstery, slipcovers and more




Sold By
Sold by the linear yard
Indoor Vs Outdoor
Marine & Auto, Outdoor / Indoor
Fabric Type
Upholstery Fabric Weight
Heavy Weight
Fabric Width
54 inches
Theme / Key Words
Sports, Traditional
Thickness / Stiffness / Feel
A little stiff but workable for most needs
PVC / Vinyl
Drapery Fabric Weight
Too Heavy For Drapery
Ordering Directions
All fabric is shipped as a continuous length. If you only see “By the yard” listed, this mean the other lengths have been sold out. If you only see “3 yard piece” listed as an option, then we are sold out of swatches and cut yardage., If you , desire a 3 yard length, simply select “By The Yard” and change the QTY to 3.
Color Theme
Remnants Vs Yards
By the Yard
Suitable For
Accessories - Bags/Purses, Costume, Crafts, Upholstery
Coated, Waterproof
Product Classification
Shipping Directions
Must ship rolled
Solid, Solid/Plain

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