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While most heavy upholstery fabric is well suited for Automotive use, we still find it helpful to set aside a few upholstery fabrics for cars that are specific to auto related tasks.

Some of the more common automotive products include:   Twillfast, headliner foam, automotive upholstery and carpeting and convertible top. These are just a few of the specialized automotive items we carry. We are known here in Maine as the go-to store for the local automotive restoration community. We are hoping that you will give us the opportunity to help you find the right item for your automotive project. Browse our selection of automotive fabric below!


What makes a textile specific to the automotive industry is the durability, UV and heat resistance.    Cars bake in the sun all day long and their fabrics needs to be well suited to these extremes.      


We offer these groups of Automotive related items.

Foam Back Fabrics, like sew foam and headliner.

Automotive Upholstery Fabric

Automotive Vinyls

Automotive Threads . (Cold, Heat and UV proof)

Automotive Tools, Trims and Hardware.