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Rustic Tapestry Fabrics

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Rustic Tapestry Fabrics

Fabric Warehouse maintains an ever growing selection of beautiful woven tapestries, for upholstering or wall hanging. These featuring stunningly rendered wildlife scenes, rustic images of forests, rivers and lakes, mountains. Our rustic wildlife upholstery fabric is perfect for decorating your camp, cabin, cottage, or lodge -- or bring a rustic feel to your home. Explore our tapestries for images of moose, deer, bears, eagles, fish, and other wildlife. Sports themes, like hunting and fishing, as well as golf, soccer, horse racing, and more. These rustic fabrics evoke crackling campfires and the smell of balsam. Upholstery your pine log couch, hang as curtains, create pillows and totes, or hang on the wall. First quality tapestries, including the popular Peter's Cabin in Stone and Denim.

Our tapestry fabrics also feature some abstract designs, with chenille and gold accents, or depict country club scenes and beach or tropical themes.

These are all first quality, heavy weight, stunningly crafted rustic wildlife upholstery fabric, sold by the yard and in discount bulk quantities.