Fiber Foam (Lower Cost)

Fabric Warehouse

Fiber Foam (Lower Cost)

Fiber Cushion is  a lower cost alternative to the traditional Polyurethane based upholstery foam that you would expect in a living room coach or chair. Fiber Cushion is made up of UV stable Fiber designed for outdoor and indoor applications when project budget matters.   Not every project needs expensive poly foam for cushioning.


PRO:    Water flows through this cushion 

PRO:   Easy to customer cut & add extra height to existing cushion

PRO:   1/3rd the cost of foam

PRO:   UV Stable & mildew resistant fiber

CON:   Because this product is a FOAM ALTERNATIVE, it is not going to have the lifespan of a piece of foam the same size.  If you sit on a chair for 8 hours a day, five days a week.... Spend the money on Poly Foam.         

TEST RESULTS:  The owners of Fabric Warehouse used "Fiber Cushion" on their patio furniture two years ago and the chairs are still perfect!