Heidi Soft By Spradling

Heidi Soft By Spradling

Heidi Soft By Spradling

Heidi Soft Marine Vinyl by Spradling is one of our premier Automotive and Marine Vinyls from the Soft Side Collections. What makes this stretch vinyl fabric so unique is the heavy faux leather grain and extended UV protection rating.

Heidi Soft marine vinyl fabric by the yard is a highly durable, sun and salt proof, mildew resistant fabric, perfect for upholstering boat seats, car seats, patio furniture and heavy equipment seats. Heidi Soft is unique in it's heavier embossed grain and slight stretch to the fabric, making it more malleable, and easier to work with.

Formaldehyde Free
Mildew Resistant
No Heavy Metals
Pink Stain Resistant

Superior Abrasion: 50,000 cycles
#10 Cotton DuckUV Stabilized Pigments:
QUV: ASTM Grey Scale
650 hrsCold Crack: -10ºF
Exterior Approved

California T.B. 117-2013
IMO FTP 2010 Code MSC.307(88)

Part 8: 3.1 & 3.2
NFPA 260- Cover Fabric – Class I
UFAC Fabric – Class I

Weight: 29 oz.
Width: 54 in.
Roll Size: 30 yd.


Spradling’s Hi-Loft²™ Backing is a specialty knitted textile manufactured with 100% polyester yarns aimed at creating a backing
with bulk, strength, and unusual softness. When combined with a vinyl surface, an extremely soft-hand
quality is achieved without sacrificing product performance. (Adhesion, tear strength, and stretch strength
properties are also improved.)

• Tailorability characteristics
• Ease of use during sewing
• Polyurethane foam moves easily when in contact with Hi-Loft²™

Spradling’s Hi-Loft²™ Backing the complex array of Hi-Loft²™ patterns provide coated of applications including: Automotive Aftermarket,
Universal, Corporate, Hospitality, Marine, Healthcare and Education.

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