Sunbrella Furniture Weight

Sunbrella Furniture Weight

Sunbrella Furniture Weight

Our furniture weight Sunbrella fabric come in many different designs and styles.  Perfect for both indoor and outdoor upholstery projects.  Known for it's durability this fabric is fantastic for use in boat interiors, RVs, and even a family home where durable fabrics are a must.  


Sunbrella fabrics are the premier fabric for outdoor and high UV use.    While they make many many different types of fabric, we like to break things down into two simple groups.     "Awning & Marine" and then "Furniture Weight."      Let me explain.


AWNING:    Awning weight Sunbrella is 100% waterproof.   Durable, tightly woven and tough as nails!   We joke that you could shingle you house with it and it would keep the elements out.    This is "normally" used for marine (boating) application, retail awnings and for home decor projects that are going to stay outside and may or may not be brought in when it rains.    Being waterproof means that your patio cushions don't needs to come inside if they are made with this product.    We carry tweeds and solids in the awning weight material.    Awning weight comes in 80inch, 60inch and 46inch.   We typically only stock the 46 and 60. 

       Pro Tip:      Looking to use awning weight for indoor use?    Wash the material 3 times and tumble dry on low heat.   It softens right up, and retains all of its durability.


FURNITURE:      Furniture weight sunbrella is amazing!    Made of the same base materials as the awning weight, but woven much looser.    This FIBER is waterproof but the fabric is not.     Meaning, the sun and rain wont hurt it, but if left outside the fabric wont prevent a cushion from getting wet.     We sell a ton of this to people recovering furniture that lives inside but get a lot of sun or lives on a covered patio outside and might get a little wet but no direct rain.      This line of products comes with a wide range of patterns and all are 54 inches wide.


THREAD:    Don't use any old thread on your outdoor project.  The fabric will outlast the thread by 20 years.     You NEED to use a UV rated thread.    (link below)      Its not more expensive.     Its just better.



60" Awning Weight Fabric

46" Awning Weight Fabric

54" Furniture Weight.