Fabric By Color

Fabric By Color

Fabric By Color

Fabric by Color Search our vast inventory of upholstery fabric by color or color family! Every fabric in our inventory is cataloged according to its featured colors and accent colors, so you can find the perfect match for your decor or style. Make sure to view our fabric photos, especially the ones taken with the color palette or a wide shot with a background of the store, as these pictures will b...

  • Beige Fabric

    Beige Fabric

    Beige Fabric Beige upholstery fabric, beige drapery fabric, beige home decor fabric, beige vinyl, beige wool, beige quilting fabric, beige outdoor fabric, beige canvas by the yard. This includes fabrics that are solid beige, have beige highlights or ...

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  • Black Fabric

    Black Fabric

    Black upholstery fabric, black curtain fabric, black home decor fabric, black vinyl, black wool, black quilting fabric, black outdoor fabric, black canvas,  This includes upholstery and drapery fabrics that are...

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  • Blue Fabric

    Blue Fabric

    Blue upholstery fabric, blue curtain fabric, blue home decor fabric, blue vinyl, blue wool, blue quilting fabric, blue outdoor fabric, blue canvas.  This includes upholstery and curtain fabrics that are so...

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  • Bronze Fabric

    Bronze Fabric

    Bronze upholstery fabric, bronze curtain fabric, bronze home decor fabric, bronze vinyl, bronze wool, bronze quilting fabric, bronze outdoor fabric, bronze canvas.  This includes fabrics that are solid bro...

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  • Brown Fabric

    Brown Fabric

    Brown upholstery fabric, brown curtain fabric, brown home decor fabric, brown vinyl, brown wool, brown quilting fabric, brown outdoor fabric, brown canvas.  Our selection of brown fabric by the yard includ...

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  • Gold Fabric

    Gold Fabric

    Gold upholstery fabric, gold curtain fabric, gold home decor fabric, gold vinyl, gold wool, gold quilting fabric, gold outdoor fabric, gold canvas. Our selection of gold upholstery fabric by the yard includes fabric...

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  • Gray Fabric

    Gray Fabric

    Our selection of home decor fabric by the yard includes gray upholstery fabric, gray curtain fabric, gray home decor fabric, gray vinyl, gray wool, gray quilting fabric, gray outdoor fabric, gray canvas. W...

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  • Green Fabric

    Green Fabric

    Welcome to Fabric Warehouse,  your ultimate destination for premium green discount upholstery fabric. We offer a wide selection of high-quality fabrics in various shades of green, including green fabric, green velvet fabric, dark green fabric, a...

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  • Khaki Fabric

    Khaki Fabric

    Khaki color fabric refers to fabric that is colored in a shade similar to khaki. Khaki is a light brown or tan color that is commonly associated with military or casual clothing, as well as various home decor styles. Khaki fabric can come in differen...

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  • Orange Fabric

    Orange Fabric

    Orange upholstery fabric, orange curtain fabric, orange home decor fabric, orange vinyl, orange wool, orange quilting fabric, orange outdoor fabric, orange canvas. Our selection of orange upholstery fabric by t...

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  • Pink Fabric

    Pink Fabric

    Pink upholstery fabric, pink curtain fabric, pink home decor fabric, pink vinyl, pink wool, pink quilting fabric, pink outdoor fabric, pink canvas.  Our selection of pink upholstery and curtain fabrics by ...

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  • Purple Fabric

    Purple Fabric

    Purple upholstery fabric, purple curtain fabric, purple home decor fabric, purple vinyl, purple wool, purple quilting fabric, purple outdoor fabric, purple canvas.  This includes fabrics that are solid purple, ...

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  • Red Fabric

    Red Fabric

    Red upholstery fabric, red curtain fabric, red home decor fabric, red vinyl, red wool, red quilting fabric, red outdoor fabric, red canvas.  Our selection of red upholstery and curtain fabrics by the yard ...

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  • Silver Fabric

    Silver Fabric

    Silver upholstery fabric, silver curtain fabric, silver home decor fabric, silver vinyl, silver wool, silver quilting fabric, silver outdoor fabric, silver canvas.  Our selection of silver upholstery and d...

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  • Tan Fabric

    Tan Fabric

    Tan upholstery fabric, tan curtain fabric, tan home decor fabric, tan vinyl, tan wool, tan quilting fabric, tan outdoor fabric, tan canvas.  This includes fabrics that are solid tan, have tan highligh...

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  • White Fabric

    White Fabric

    White Fabric White upholstery fabric, white curtain fabric, white home decor fabric, white vinyl, white wool, white quilting fabric, white outdoor fabric, white canvas. This includes fabrics that are solid white, have white highlights or white&n...

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  • Yellow Fabric

    Yellow Fabric

    Yellow upholstery fabric, yellow curtain fabric, yellow home decor fabric, yellow vinyl, yellow wool, yellow quilting fabric, yellow outdoor fabric, yellow canvas.  This includes fabrics that are solid yel...

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