Fabric By Theme

Fabric By Theme

Fabric By Theme

Search our inventory of upholstery, curtain, and home decor fabrics by theme or motif. Many of our fabrics feature scenes and tableaus, designs, and patterns that depict images or coordinate with certain decorating styles. At Fabric Warehouse, you can search our fabrics by the themes they best represent. For instance, our nautical fabrics feature ships, sailing, navigating, and sea life images. Ou...

  • Bohemian Fabric

    Bohemian Fabric

    Bohemian Fabric Looking for boho fabrics with a bit of mystery and eccentricity, rich colors, florals, paisleys, and other designs that would look at home or on the walls of your caravan?  Buy these bohemian upholstery fabrics by the yard.

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  • Camouflage Fabric

    Camouflage Fabric

    We carry camouflage fabrics ranging from army camouflage, hunting camo, camo fleeces, even pink camo and camo burlap! Pixilated camo vinyl and nylon. Fabric Warehouse has you covered in camo! Hey, where did you go?

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  • Child & Baby Fabric

    Child & Baby Fabric

    Fabric Warehouse carries a wide selection of upholstery and curtain fabrics that are perfect for a baby or child's room. Create bedding, cover window seats, or make wall hangings with these whimsical upholstery fabrics. If you're decorating or sewing...

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  • Contemporary Fabric

    Contemporary Fabric

    Up-to-date designs and fabrics, for home decor: upholstery and curtains. These contemporary designer upholstery fabrics will have a touch of sophistication, neutral and bold colors, suitable for home or office. First quality, discount designer u...

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  • Cottage & Camp Fabric

    Cottage & Camp Fabric

    Rustic cabin upholstery fabrics for decorating your cottage or camp, or to bring the lodge decor home! These fabrics feature tapestries with woodland scenes and colors -- pine tree green, brown, golds -- with wildlife, like bears, elk, deer, moo...

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  • Fall Season Fabric

    Fall Season Fabric

    Golds, brunt oranges and reds, fiery fall colors and scenes -- these fall fabrics evoke crisp autumn days, warm spices, and crackling fires, and hunting season. Also featuring fall holidays -- Halloween and Thanksgiving! Buy fall and autumn...

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  • Gardening & Garden Fabric

    Gardening & Garden Fabric

    Florals and botanicals! These upholstery and curtain fabrics featuring formal gardens, lush florals, and gardening themes and designs. You will also find utility fabrics, like burlap and canvas, that are useful in the garden. Discount designer uphols...

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  • Holiday Fabric

    Holiday Fabric

    Home decor fabric for every holiday season. Find Christmas themes, Halloween colors and spooky designs, Easter colors and flowers, patriotic displays for 4th of July. Get in the holiday spirit by festooning your home or business with our festive upho...

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  • Modern Fabric

    Modern Fabric

    Our modern fabrics have a retro mod look -- midcentury modern -- featuring those vintage color schemes (avocado, goldenrod, turquoise...) and iconic designs like starbursts. Trick out your space-age bachelor pad with discount designer upholstery and ...

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  • Nautical / Beach / Sailing

    Nautical / Beach / Sailing

    Nautical Fabric Our selection of nautical, sailing and beach upholstery fabric by the yard features sailboats, lighthouses, sea life -- seahorses, sea stars, shells, fish, lobsters, crabs, cephalopods! We also have a large selection of nautical strip...

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  • Retro Fabric

    Retro Fabric

    Feeling nostalgic? Looking for a fabric to compliment your vintage decor? We carry fabrics with colors and designs that pay homage to mid century modern styles and colors, 80's neon, 50's diner sparkle vinyls. Give your home, office, or RV a fun, cam...

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  • Shabby Chic Fabric

    Shabby Chic Fabric

    A style of interior decoration that uses furnishings that are or appear to be pleasantly old and slightly worn.   Another term we use on the website to describe these items is "vintage" 

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  • Sports Fabric

    Sports Fabric

    Sports Fabric These fabrics feature sports and sports teams! We have sports themed fabric material for quilting with snowboarders and skiiers; tapestries with race cards and motorcycles; fleeces featuring your favorite professional sports team logos....

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  • Spring Season Fabric

    Spring Season Fabric

    Spring themed fabrics include pastel florals and light greens, garden scenes, cheerful colors, easter colors, tulips and other spring flowers. Perfect fabrics to help you shake the winter chills!

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  • Summer Season Fabric

    Summer Season Fabric

    Summer themed fabrics, featuring beach scenes, bright summery colors, summer sports and activities. Explore this selection of summer themed curtain and upholstery fabric to bring some sunshine into your home decor, for patio or camp decorating, ...

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  • Traditional Fabric

    Traditional Fabric

    Traditional Fabric Our selection of classic and vintage fabric by the yard feature unique designs such as florals, paisleys, stripes, scrollwork, lattice – to complement a traditional or formal home or business decor. These traditional fabrics ...

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  • Wildlife Fabric

    Wildlife Fabric

    Wildlife Fabric Our wildlife fabric for tapestries and upholstery features wild game and woodland animals like deer, elk, moose, trout, salmon, bears, eagles and more. Many of these woodland animal fabrics are first quality woven tapestries, per...

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  • Winter Season Fabric

    Winter Season Fabric

    Fabrics with winter scenes and themes! Snowflakes, winter scenes, winter sports - skiing, sledding, ice skating -- Christmas, snow men - for upholstering, tabletop, home decor, curtains, window treatments. Decorate for the holidays!

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