Upholstery by color

  • Upholstery Fabric By Color

    Upholstery Fabric By Color

    Upholstery fabric sorted by color to find your perfect match. We offer swatches on all upholstery fabric to...

  • Red Upholstery Fabric

    Red Upholstery Fabric

    Find your perfect shade of red in this collection of upholstery fabrics. From red velvet to red faux leather...

  • Linen By Color

    Linen By Color

    A Collection of linen fabrics that are organized by their different colors. These fabrics are either linen b...

  • Microfiber By Color

    Microfiber By Color

    Looking for a microfiber fabric for upholstery, pillow, curtains? This collection helps you find different f...

  • Canvas By Color

    Canvas By Color

    Canvas fabric can by divided into two groups. Cotton Canvas and Acrylic Canvas. This collection divides our...

  • Color Jacquard Fabric

    Color Jacquard Fabric

    Jaquard upholstery fabric organized by color to help you find the perfect choice for your project.

  • Velvet upholstery fabric

    Velvet upholstery fabric

    A collection of velvet upholstery fabrics organized by color. Be sure to order a sample swatch to help you f...