Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric

Canvas Fabric Types

If you called our store to ask for Canvas fabric you might get a few follow-up questions.   Canvas comes in many shapes, forms, types and uses.   Here are some details to help.


Cotton Canvas &  Duck Canvas:   Often used for painting, tents, boat sails, and other utilitarian products, canvas has expanded into other products such as sport gear, sneakers, and bags because of its durability.   (LINK)

Acrylic Canvas:   The most common use for acrylic canvas is waterproof awnings, furniture and cushions.   The most popular brand of this fabric is made by Sunbrella.   (LINK)


Advice:   If you want it to last for years outside...Stay away from cotton.

Advice:   If you want it to be waterproof, go with acrylic.

Advice:   If you want cloth or material by the yard for your boat, Marine or outdoor, go with acrylic.