Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor Fabric

Looking For Outdoor Fabric?

Outdoor Upholstery fabric comes in many forms and types.  The largest name in outdoor fabric is Sunbrella but many others are working hard to impact Sunbrella's market share.   These branks include Docril, Bella Dura and many more.   The one thing that all outdoor fabrics have in common is that they DO NOT contain cotton.    They are either vinyl, polyester or accrylic.    Accrylic is certainly the more common choice but vinbyl is used in the boatig industry quite often.  The fabrics here can be used for awning, replacement upholstey projects for home, patio or the yard.

We have divided outdoor fabrics into a few groups.

WATERPROOF:   These fabrics are designed to keep the rain water out of your cushoin foam, out of your boat and simply out of your life.    The term we use on our website for this group is "awning Fabric".  (LINK)

WATER SAFE BUT NOT PROOF:   These fabrics are made of  the same fiber type (acrylic) as the waterproof fabrics but the weave isnt tight enough to shed water.   These fabrics are okay to get rained on, but they are not designed to shed water at the same level as the awning weight fabrics.   On our website we put these fabric in a group called "Furniture weight outdoor fabrics".   (LINK)

SLING:     Sling fabric is a woven PVC mesh.   This is commonly for outdoor chairs that dont have cushion foam.   These are usually "sun chairs" or pool deck chairs.    (LINK)