BLOWOUT SALE!    We are new to the KNITS & APPAREL fabric space.   A year ago, a HUGE fabric store in Georgia went out of business and we bought up all of their inventory.     We thought it was mostly upholstery but when it arrived we quickly learned it was 70% apparel fabrics.    So here we go!      You might find this part of our site a challenge because we don't know the content of most of thes...

  • Acetate

    Acetate is a soft and silky fabric that is great for blouses, linings, and special occasion apparel.  This fabric features a nice drape that would also work wonderfully for draperies in addition to apparel.

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  • Bridal

    This selection of fabric contains some of our fancier finds.  They would be great for special occasions such as bridesmaid and prom dresses along with wedding gowns.  

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  • Chiffon

    Chiffon is a light and airy fabric usually made from polyester or silk that has tons of fashion uses.  Use for lined dresses, lined blouses, overlays, and scarves.  

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  • Faux Fur & Berber

    A wonderful selection of fluffy fabrics that would be perfect for stuffed animals, fashion accessories, and costumes.  Also perfect for super soft throw blankets or quilt backings.

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  • Flannel Fabric

    For those looking for cozy flannel material, we have several options; juvenile prints, pastel plaids, and holiday motifs just to name a few. If you are looking for something soft cozy and warm, flannel is the answer. Flannel is a perfect fabric ...

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  • Fleece Fabrics

    Fleece is a plush, cozy soft fabric, perfect for making comfortable loungewear or cold-weather accessories and apparel. Use it to make jackets, hats, scarves, mittens, cozy pants, no-sew blankets. Fabric Warehouse carries high quality Polartec f...

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  • Gabardine

    Gabardine is a durable, tightly woven fabric.  These fabrics would be perfect for suits, overcoats, uniforms, pants, tablecloths, and more.

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  • Jersey

    Jersey is a stretchy knit fabric that is great for apparel.  It is excellent for draped garments such as dresses and women's tops.

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  • Knit

    Knit fabric is a wonderfully stretchy fabric that is great for dresses, leggings, shirts, scarves, headbands, scrunchies, and so much more.  

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  • Lace


    A selection of lace and mesh fabric that are great for overlays and embellishments on dresses, blouses bags, and more.    These lace fabrics can also be used as decorative wedding trims. These lace apparel fabrics are closeouts and remnants...

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  • Linen

    Linen apparel fabric is a great choice for lighter, cooler garments.  Use for pants, shorts, tops and even curtains.

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  • Linings

    A selection of lining that would be great for purses, bags, and other accessories.  Use to line lace or other sheer fabrics to create pretty tops and dresses.

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  • Printed

    Printed fabrics feature many designs from florals to geometrics.  These would be great a variety of different apparel uses.  

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  • Quilted

    Quilted fabric features several layers of fabric and filler that are sewn on to create a quilted look.  These are great for projects like throw blankets and jackets.

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  • Rayon

    One of the most versatile fabrics around.  It is breathable and would be great for blouses, shirts, dresses, and pants.

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  • Rib Knits

    Ribbed knit fabric features alternating raised and lowered rows that make for a very elastic and stretchy fabric.  This is great for formfitting dresses and tops.  It's also great when paired with plain knit fabric and used for the edgings ...

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  • Satin


    Satin is a type of woven fabric that is shiny and silky feeling.  Perfect for special occasion tops, blouses, and dresses.  Also great for linings.

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  • Sequined

    Usually made from tulle or chiffon, this fabric is covered with shiny plastic shaped pieces.  Great for special occasion apparel and costumes.

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  • Shirting

    A selection of fabric that would be great for button-up shirts, shorts, and other apparel.  This would also be great for lightweight curtains.

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  • Smocked

    Smocked fabric is a woven fabric that is gathered by thread so that is is elastic and form fitting.  Great for cuffs, bodices, and necklines.  

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  • Stretch Mesh

    Stretch mesh is a sheer elastic fabric that is great for layered form fitting garments.  Also great for sports or dance garments.  

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  • Taffeta

    Taffeta is a crisp woven fabric that features a lustrous, shiny appearance.  It is a wonderful choice for bridal gowns, special occasion dresses, blouses, suits, and costumes.

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  • Wool

    Wool fabric that is great for applications where warmth is needed.  Perfect for coats, jackets, mittens, hats, and more.

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