Poly cotton apparel fabric, also known as polycotton or cotton poly fabric, is a popular choice for a wide range of clothing and apparel projects. It is a fabric blend that combines polyester and cotton fibers, offering the benefits of both materials.

Polyester and cotton are blended together in different proportions to create poly cotton fabrics with varying characteristics. The blend often consists of a higher percentage of cotton, typically around 65-80%, and a lower percentage of polyester, usually around 20-35%.

Poly cotton fabric combines the natural softness, breathability, and comfort of cotton with the durability, wrinkle resistance, and quick-drying properties of polyester. The cotton fibers add breathability, moisture absorption, and a natural feel against the skin, while the polyester fibers contribute to the fabric's strength, resilience, and easy care properties.

Poly cotton apparel fabric is commonly used for a wide range of garments, including t-shirts, dresses, shirts, blouses, skirts, and more. It offers a balance between comfort, durability, and performance, making it suitable for both casual and professional wear. Poly cotton blends are often chosen for their easy-care nature, as they tend to be less prone to wrinkling and shrinking compared to pure cotton fabrics.

The blend of polyester and cotton also provides poly cotton fabric with good color retention, allowing it to hold dyes well and maintain vibrant colors even after multiple washes. Additionally, poly cotton fabric is typically more affordable compared to pure cotton fabric, making it a cost-effective option for apparel production.

Poly cotton blends are easy to work with and suitable for a variety of sewing and crafting projects. They can be sewn using standard sewing machines and needles, and they tend to hold their shape and resist pilling and fraying.

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