Seaquest Smoke

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Seaquest Smoke

Seaquest Smoke is a medium-dark shade of gray. It's a heavy, deep gray, like the color at the center of a tropical storm cloud. This shade of gray will pair well with any gray in the Seaquest spectrum, as well as the Chalk White, Too White, and White Ice.  

 Below you will find a suite of products all from the same stock vinyl.   Despite differences in the color of the product photos, these products are all 100% the same color, they are all manufactured from the same stock material.

We keep in stock the following items in this color.

(1) 54" Wide "Flat" Vinyl. This is the foundation of all orders.

(2) 54" Wide "Roll & Pleat"  This is a machine pleated version of the "Flat" Vinyl.  It is puffy (almost quilted) between the pleats.

(3)Welt.  This is a decorative trim / edge, what some might call cording or piping. It is 0.5 inches wide.

(4) Hidem. This is used on the underside of your seat / upholstery. It is used to hide staples and nails.


If you don't see ALL 4 of the above products, this means that inventory is temporarily low on a given item.  We can take phone orders for out of stock items so that your order will ship first when the next truck arrives.

If you see the item you need but we don’t have enough in stock, call us.   We can take your order and get it mailed quickly.

 If you are unsure of the color you need, we also sell color swatch cards.  This item can be found by clicking any item below.  The color card is an 8x10 card stock that has a 1 inch swatch of all of the Seaquest colors.