Marine Upholstery Fabric

Marine Upholstery Fabric

When picking out fabric for your boat, there are a few things to consider.   Let us try to help you.


#1.   Cockpit or Cabin:      In short, will this fabric be rained on or will it just be in a high humidity environment.   Because all boats live on water (or should) its important that you avoid ANYTHING made with cotton.      If the project is in the cockpit we suggest either Marine vinyl or Awning weight sunbrella.   These are the two options for the most waterproof paths that will keep your foam from being soaked all season long.     You have more flexibility in what you select if the project is in your cabin.   The material needed for seats and upholstering within the cabin can be polyester or acrylic.  (LINK)


#2.  Fabric or Vinyl.     Marine Vinyls come in a ton of options.    We offer Seaquest and Spradling brands.        Spradling is well known for the term "soft side" because their products have a little stretch built into them.  Our Spradling Marine vinyls only come as the standard flat 54 inch wide vinyl.    Conversely the Seaquest products come with pre made welt, hidem, machine pleated vinyl and the standard flat vinyl.


Sometimes we find that sailboats tend to be more fabric-based and motor yachts use more vnyl products.    When covering your boat for a mooring cover, sunbrella fabric is the best choice.