Grady White Boat Seat Repair

Grady White Boat Seat Repair

We are fortunate to be a distributor of the two vinyls used in Grady White boats.



If your Grady White boat is older, the vinyl may be a slightly yellow version of white.   This is known as "Sea White".  (LINK)

if your Grady White boat is newer, the vinyl will be a more true white.  This is known as "Chalk"  (LINK)

If you are wanting to go ever more "white" you should consider the color known as "TWO WHITE". (LINK)



#1:  Your seats, bolsters and leaning pads are likely made from the "pleated vinyl".  (LINK)

#2.  The rest of the vinly you see on your boat that does not have the channels in it is just "flat" or normal marine vinyl.  (LINK)

#3.  If your are stapling vinyl into wood, you will want to hide the staples using something called "Hidem".  The staple rests in a groovy or channel that is hidden.  It looks super sharp!  (LINK)

#4.  For those whoe are repairing a seat using a sewing machine, You will likley want to use "Welt."   This is the round corner trim that you see a the edge of the seat.   (LINK)

#5.  if you are sewing a repair, make sure to use UV stable thread (LINK)